Malta Student

„I took an FCE course from last March to June. It was a new experience because I had never heard about it before I came here. I know this exam isn’t famous at all in my country. However, this course helped me to study harder and I could learn a lot. Firstly, my classmates and teachers were never changed during this course. Therefore we could get to know each other well and bond. Besides, there were a lot of students who really wanted good results so their determination encouraged me to work harder. The teachers, who were professional at teaching this course, taught us patiently and helpfully. What is more, this course was very well-organised and we could learn not only reading and grammar, but also writing and speaking. Personally, the speaking part was the most difficult part for me, because I didn’t have any confidence. Nevertheless, I could feel the improvement of my speaking because of this course and my speaking partner. To conclude, I was grateful to be in this course. Being in FCE was definitely better than being GE for me. Consequently, I really want to recommend to other students to join it, even if they don’t know about this exam. Because I know they will feel satisfaction when they get the result. I’ll never forget about being in this course. I thank my excellent teachers and amazing class mates.“